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Rules for the 28 day Ucchishta Ganapati Tantric Sadhana

🌺Bathe and wear a clean, fresh set of clothes (preferably red colour) while performing the Sadhana. 

🌺Have your dinner and start the Sadhana without rinsing the mouth. Leave the last morsel of your dinner in the plate and post Sadhana leave it outside everyday in your balcony or terrace.

🌺Sit facing east during the Sadhana.

🌺Sadhana is to be performed only after sunset post dinner. 

🌺For 21 minutes of Japa, 40 minutes of Sadhana time is required in the app.

🌺Not having Onion Garlic is not a mandatory restriction. However, following a vegetarian diet is recommended if possible. 

🌺Abstinence not required.

🌺Pre -requisite – Should have performed Nav Durga Sadhana at least once. The Sharad Navaratri begins on October 15th. If you’re interested in participating in the Nav Durga Sadhana, please join the waitlist – here.

🌺If you wish to use chanting beads, you may use Rudraksha mala or Red Moonga mala. However if using timer in the app, you may set it to japa duration of 21min for a total of 40 min Sadhana duration. 

🌺Avoid unnecessary verbal altercations and abide by in a truthful, mindful conduct during the sadhana duration. Devotion and perseverance are of paramount importance.

🌺Anyone above the age of 12 can attempt this Sadhana after fulfilling the pre requisite. 

🌺You can continue the manasik Sadhana even if there is a Sutak due to death in family and pray to Lord Ganesha for the soul’s onward journey in higher realms of existence. 

🌺Women can continue the Sadhana during their menstruation cycles.

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