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Digital Shivir: Whatsapp Community Guidelines

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1. Be alert

Check the Whatsapp community regularly. All important information will be communicated here by the facilitators.


2. Keep private information private

Don’t share personal or sensitive information about other members without their consent.

3. Do not privately reach out to other group members

In case you find someone private messaging you or calling you, please send us a screenshot. We will immediately remove the person from the group without any warning!


4. No Self Promotions

The Whatsapp community has been created to facilitate your Sadhana journey. Please maintain the sanctity of the group and do not promote any product/places/services.

5. Have a great time!

We hope to make this online Shivir and enriching and unforgettable experience for you.

Do take an active part in all the activities to reap the benefits of the Shivir.

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