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We are glad you can relate to our mission of reviving the Vedic glory with Sadhana. If we don’t revive the Vedas, they will perish one day. Om Swami, our founder, has worked day and night for the past 22 months by devoting his time, energy and his own personal funds to bring the Sadhana app this far. Now you can join us in taking this further.

For Indian residents, please use the link here: 

For those overseas, please use the link here:

For donations above 5 lacs or USD 15000, please write to us at

The app is completely free. We believe that no one should ever be deprived of the beauty and power of sadhana due to any financial constraints.

Thank you for your pledge. We are touched by your kindness and generosity!  

Yes, you can definitely support us through periodic donations. At present, we do not have a direct debit or recurring payments system. 

Kindly use the link below:

For Indian residents, please use the link here: 

For those overseas, please use the link here: 

Unfortunately, at this point, we are unable to change the minimum donation limit on the system. However, if you offer dakshina from any location there is no minum limit. 

Donation is not compulsory either. You can do your bit by spreading the word. Follow us and promote us on social handles here:




For a corporate sponsorship, please kindly share with us the proposal you have in mind. Tell us about your company, yourself, and how you can help this cause.


Email us at We will be happy to take it from there.

Please use "Contact Support" on the page to send us your feedback, or directly write to

Unfortunately, the system does not allow us to make changes to your order. However, if you want we can refund your payment and cancel the order so that you can place a new order for the books of your choice. Please let us know your preference and we will take care of it.

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