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Navratri: The Nine Sacred Nights of Worship

Navratri The Nine Sacred Nights

प्रातरूत्थाय सायाह्नं सायाहनात् प्रातरेव तु ।
यत्क्रोमि जगन्मातस्तदेव तव पूजनम् ।।
Prātarūt’thāya sāyāhnaṁ sāyāhanāt prātarēva tu,
Yatkrōmi jaganmātastadēva tava pūjanam.

~ Vamakeshvara Tantra

From the moment I wake up at dawn till dusk, and from dusk till dawn,
O Mother Divine, everything I do is an act of your worship.


Honouring the Divine Feminine

Spanning nine celestial nights, Navratri is a time dedicated to honouring the majestic presence of Mother Divine and expressing a profound veneration for the entirety of her magnificent creation. Mother Divine is Adi Para Shakti, the Universal Mother, the Moola Prakriti, the substratum. She is the essence of existence. Her presence resonates through the very fabric of the Universe. The nine sacred nights of Navratri present a unique and cherished opportunity to exalt the Divine Feminine and bask in the boundless splendour of her timeless and infinite benevolence. 

Each night unfolds like a mystic symphony, beckoning the devout to join in the jubilant chorus of reverence and adoration. This is the perfect time for a Sadhak, a serious spiritual aspirant, to immerse in the realm of sublime devotion and spiritual fervour, conquering the inner demons of negativity.

In the Nav Durga Sadhana, one form of Ma Durga is worshipped each day, for nine nights. This mystic and potent Sadhana is a reverent celebration of the recognition of the eternal Divine Feminine energy, manifesting in various forms and embodying the ultimate expression of Divinity. Moreover, during the blessed period of Navratri, Mother Divine’s presence is extremely palpable, and the one who seeks her Divine shelter is sure to be bestowed with her immense blessings. Invoking the presence of Ma Durga fills our lives with great courage and strength, helping us emerge victorious in our battle against the ravenous forces of fear, rage, depression and anxiety. Through the infinite blessings of Mother Divine, we find the power to  purify ourselves so that we can lay our weary heads in her soothing lap. 

Navratri symbolises the harmonious union of human existence with the divine cosmic energy. It presents an invitation to immerse ourselves in the all encompassing embrace of Mother Divine and to revel in the radiance of her eternal grace. 

Celebrating Nature’s Rhythm

The sacred festival of Navratri occurs four times a year and each time, it marks a significant transition in nature when the seasons undergo a change. This presents an extraordinary opportunity to honour the intricate rhythms of the natural world. The rituals and practices undertaken by spiritual aspirants during Navratri  help them to align with nature and lead more harmonious lives. 

One of the best ways to celebrate this sacred festival is  to purify ourselves of internal and external impurities and surrender completely to the Supreme Goddess. By purifying our minds and bodies, we can purge ourselves of the impurities that may hinder our spiritual progress. The purification process paves the way for unwavering focus and devotion to Mother Divine. 

One such purification practice that many people undertake is fasting. It cleanses the body, mind and soul. Fasting is not merely a physical act but a profound spiritual endevour. It purges the body of toxins and in addition, it also cleans the mind of distractions. By refraining from indulgence in food, devotees create an environment of heightened spiritual awareness, enabling them to channel their energies towards the presence of the Divine Feminine that they seek to honour. Furthermore, fasting during Navratri also serves as a protective shield, safeguarding individuals from falling prey to illnesses as it prepares the body for the seasonal shifts. This conscious act of self restraint strengthens the body’s immunity, promoting overall well-being and ensuring the aspirant remains dedicated to their spiritual practices.

For those who immerse themselves in these purification practices, Navratri becomes a transformative journey. By honouring the cyclic rhythms of nature, cleansing the self of impurities and forging a deep connection with Mother Divine, aspirants forge ahead on the spiritual path, attaining a heightened sense of devotion and a blissful, harmonious existence that is in tune with the eternal dance of the seasons. 

Recognising our own Divinity

Navratri is an extremely powerful and  auspicious period to embark on spiritual practices.  Just like Mother Divine’s triumphant victory over the demons, we too can conquer our own inner demons with her boundless grace. 

Immersing ourselves in the powerful Nav Durga Sadhana during Navratri, will help us tap into the immense reservoir of Divine blessing and unlock the profound potential that lies within us. This is the time to confront and conquer our negative tendencies, seeking Mother Divine’s limitless compassion and guidance which will empower us to overcome the obstacles, fears and weaknesses that lie in our path. Her grace shall become a catalyst for our personal transformation, leading us towards inner harmony and spiritual growth. 

Practising spiritual austerities during Navratri is known to yield great rewards that extend beyond the spiritual realm. The divine blessings bestowed upon devotees often manifest in material abundance and prosperity. As one aligns their actions, thoughts and intentions with the divine principles underlying the philosophy of this sacred celebration, they create a powerful magnetism that attracts favourable circumstances and opportunities. One only needs to tap into the auspicious energy that permeates the atmosphere during this period to attract a life of prosperity and fulfilment. 

Navratri serves as a gentle reminder that the divine forces are always present, ready to guide and support those who seek their assistance. It is a time to shed the burdens of the past, release negative patterns and embrace the transformative power of  Divine grace. Through self reflection, devotion and acts of spiritual discipline you too can tap into the immense reservoir of energy and wisdom that lies dormant within, igniting the spark of spiritual growth and self realisation. 

The love and fulfilment that you have been seeking in every corner of the universe lies in the embrace of Mother Divine. This Navratri, shed the burdens of the past and leave behind your negative tendencies as you take a leap of faith that leads you straight to the comforting lap of Mother Divine.


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