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Rules for Nav Durga Sadhana

The Nav Durga Sadhana is a sacred practice dedicated to invoking the divine energy of the nine forms of Goddess Durga. Each form represents a specific aspect of the divine feminine power, and by connecting with these forms through the Sadhana, devotees seek Mother Divine’s blessings, protection, and spiritual growth.
It is essential to maintain discipline and devotion throughout the Nav Durga Sadhana. This instruction manual serves as a recommended guideline, and Sadhaks may have specific preferences or variations based on the individual’s practical feasibility.

  • 🔱It is highly recommended to bathe before the morning and evening Sadhana processes.
  • 🔱Wear fresh clothes that are clean and comfortable.

Why this rule?
Sauch or Cleanliness has great importance in Sanatana Dharma. By maintaining cleanliness of body and surroundings, we purify ourselves physically and mentally, creating a conducive environment for spiritual practices.

  • 🔱Avoid using harsh words during the 9 days of Sadhana. Practice speaking truth and maintaining silence as much as possible.
  • 🔱Cultivate a positive and pure state of mind (sattvik bhaav) by consuming sattvik (pure) food and practising truthful speech (satya vachan).
  • 🔱Maintain complete abstinence and avoid other distractions throughout the 9 days of Sadhana.

Why this rule?
Practising truth, silence, and leading a sattvik lifestyle during the Sadhana period helps in
building up the energy invoked during Sadhana by preventing any unwarranted leakage or
dissipation of the accrued energy.

  • 🔱Follow a strict vegetarian diet throughout the Sadhana period.
  • 🔱Dairy products are allowed, but avoid consuming meat, seafood, eggs, onion, andgarlic.
  • 🔱Be cautious while consuming packaged food items such as biscuits, cakes, cheeses, and supplements, as they may contain animal-derived ingredients.

Why this rule?
Observing a strict vegetarian diet without onion, garlic, meat, seafood, or eggs prevents build
up of Tamas(inertia). It enhances our sensitivity and receptivity to the subtle energies
invoked during the Sadhana.

  • 🔱Wear red-coloured clothes during the Sadhana. Red is considered auspicious for the Nav Durga Sadhana.
  • 🔱Use a red woollen asana or spread a red cloth over your asana (meditation seat) to create a sacred space.

Why this rule?
The colour of any substance is not because of what it is, it is what it reflects. Something looks red not because it is red, but because it holds back everything that white light contains and reflects red. Whatever you give away, that will be your quality in the world too. So Devi’s color is red because She gives away red. The feminine forms are the most exuberant, vibrant and full of energy because that is the inherent nature of Shakti. Donning red helps imbibe Her energy and perceive Her essence better.

  • 🔱Face East or Northeast while performing the Sadhana. These directions are
    considered favourable for invoking the energy of the divine.

Why this rule?
Facing East or Northeast aligns us with the cosmic energies and the auspiciousness associated with those directions. It enhances the flow of divine energy and facilitates a deeper connection with the Nav Durga forms.

Following these rules with sincerity and dedication brings discipline, focus, and reverence to the Nav Durga Sadhana. It allows us to create a sacred space within ourselves, enabling the manifestation of divine blessings, spiritual growth, and the fulfilment of our aspirations.


🔱Om Namashchandikaye! 🔱

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