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Rules for Sadhana

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Beginner Sadhaks

📌There are no specific rules for beginner Sadhaks, but do make sure to wear clean fresh clothes, carry your devotion to Kailash and surrender to Mahadev.

📌Follow vegetarian diet during the Chaturmasa.


📌Please follow a vegetarian diet

📌Try to follow same time and place during Japa and Puja

📌Take a Sankalpa on Day 1 and keep the Japa count same everyday

📌Ideal direction is to face East or North East

📌Bathe and wear fresh clothes

Advanced Sadhaks


📌Strict Vegetarian diet,  no eggs, onion or garlic

📌Complete Abstinence

📌Truthful speech, no harsh behavior during the entire Sadhana kaal

📌Bathe and wear fresh clean clothes,  preferably white.

📌Face East or North East

📌Try your best to keep the time and place of Sadhana same throughout the duration

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