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Sadhana app is not a game. It is a world in itself. 

It’s a place where you can practise Vedic rituals like japa, nitya puja (everyday puja at the altar), yajna, abhishekam and sadhana (meditation on your deity) in an interactive and immersive way.

It is based on manasic (mental) puja as mentioned in our Vedas. Since it is based on mental offerings it not only increases our mindfulness but also helps us to be compassionate towards Mother Earth and her resources. 

Sadhana app is an interactive application that is aimed at bringing the ancient Vedic glory back to our world.

It is the vision of Om Swami, an enlightened sage who has been practising sadhana for the past three decades. He preaches only what He has practised and experienced.

The ancient Vedic period was a golden age of abundance, knowledge and harmony. Sadhana is a window to the yogic wisdom of that age.

With Sadhana, you can do the following five things currently:

  • Japa: also known as chanting of mantras or the name of the divine.  Japa is using sonic energy to tap into the Universal energy.
  • Nitya Puja: offer prayers to your favourite deity or Ishta according to the Vedic guidelines.
  • Sadhana: also known as tapas (austerities), it is a series of disciplined activities you can do to increase your spiritual consciousness.
  • Yajna: Perform Yajna or fire offerings to your deity as per to the Vedic guidelines.
  • Abhishekam: Anoint the deities the yogic way as per the rules laid down in the Vedas.

Since all the elements being used are manasic (mental) it will not only increase our mindfulness but also help us to be compassionate towards Mother Earth and her resources.

The simple but effective practice of chanting a mantra has profound effects on the human mind. For any japa to be effective it must be done with mindfulness and reverence towards the deity of the mantra, that’s because the mantra you are chanting is your sonic connection with that particular deity. On the app you can do this with a timer or beads. You can read more about the power of Japas in Om Swami’s book mantra science here.It will help answer your questions with more depth.

Sadhana is the path of self-purification. 

Since times immemorial the path of Sadhana, a disciplined practice of austerities and intense japa and meditation has revealed the greatest secrets and mysteries of the Universe, directly granted by Lord Shiva. The sages and seers of Vedic dharma have used this practice of Sadhana or austerities to tap into the Universal energies for gaining immense spiritual benefits. 

Based on Om Swami’s own experience, several Sadhanas are available on the app. The app will help you to practise guided sadhanas, based on knowledge from our vedas and help you grow on the path of dharma and spirituality.  The more diligently you do it, the higher you rise above the challenges of life. 

Just like you take time out to eat, enjoy, work and sleep, anyone desiring to lead their life according to the Vedas should take a few minutes out everyday, to pray. To express gratitude to your deity or the Divine or Mother nature, whatever you call the higher Self. 

This ritual known as Nitya Pooja, Aradhana, Sandhya Vandan or simply Pooja is done daily, in hundreds of millions of households, worldwide. Nitya Pooja helps you build and maintain a constant connection with God and the one who has that connection never feels weak, alone, or lonely. 

One of the most powerful aspects of Vedic lifestyle is that by seeing the Divine in absolutely everything, you become the Divine yourself.This is the very idea behind Abhishekam, that the deities we worship are not some lifeless idols sculpted out of stone, but they carry in them the same signature of the Universe as any other form of matter.  

Just like Yagya is making offerings via fire, Abhishekam is to do so with water and with ingredients produced from the earth, offered to the Divine with reverence. These two rituals put you in harmony with the five elements of earth, water, air, fire and space.  

Doing a manasic (mental) Abhishekam on the app has the same value as doing it in the temple, plus, you are being kind to Mother Earth by doing it symbolically. 

Yes, you can perform the pujas independently with more fervour. Sadhana app provides guidance on these practices as they were ordained in the Vedas. Infact, doing it independently brings wisdom and deepens our relationship with the divine, thereby leading to higher spiritual consciousness.

Yes. The pujas and other activities on the Sadhana app are conducted in front of your deity. So, goes without saying that you should bathe, wear fresh clean clothes and follow all steps of physical purification as you would do before going to a place of prayer. Vedas give a lot of importance to mental and physical purification as it leads to deeper devotion and higher spiritual advancement.

You can always call upon your deity at any point depending on your devotion, need and awareness. Having said that, consider sadhana as an app that induces calmness and peace, it should be done when you are in a safe, calm and quiet environment and not while driving or distracted elsewhere.

Sadhana app is a meditation app and much more. Sadhana brings you the divine wisdom of Vedas on your most accessible smartphone. You can use the Vedic chants to meditate. These activities are known to calm your mind so that you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and energised.

As your practices of spiritual discipline grow, you will find yourself as mentally strong as well.

Earlier, many Hindu households followed this ritual every day where the deity was anointed every day. So, you can do it once every day, preferably in the mornings. Or you can just do it on special occasions like Navratras, Purnima, Amavasya etc.

If you are looking for a specific auspicious time or date to start a sadhana then sure. But for everyday puja you need not follow the panchangam. Any time and every moment where you think of your deity with love and call out in devotion to the Divine is an auspicious time.

Fire offerings known as Yagya or Havan in Sanskrit, are one of the most ancient and profound aspects of Sanatana Dharma. It is an offering of some herbal elements to the deity of your choice that also purify the environment around. 

The Yagya at the Sadhana app may not fill the air with fragrance, but it will fill your heart with joy. It has the same power, effect and outcome as doing any Yagya in the physical world, for here, you’re offering the purest ingredients with perfect chants, without burning any physical wood. And here, you are being compassionate to Mother Earth by not using her scarce physical resources. 

“Antarmukha samaradhya bahirmukha sudurlabha”

It is much easier to experience the Divine with inner offerings, so it is with the Yagya here.

The intuitive and interactive achievement board within the Sadhana app tracks your spiritual practice. You earn points on every activity and can also track your friends and family on the leaderboard. 

These time-honoured activities deepen your relationship with the divine and you can see yourself becoming more spiritually conscious when you are normally more happy, peaceful and joyous without any specific reason. When things do not bother you, or you feel that you are moved by hearing somebody else’s pain - those are the signs of spiritual progression. You can also watch this talk on spiritual progression here. Additionally, you may also want to watch how rituals help in spiritual progression here.

You can pick anything that your heart pulls at. In bhakti or sadhana, it is the bhaav that matters. However, if you still feel like you could use some help, in the app, under the three line menu you can tap on the ‘Help’ button and take the quiz that will lead you to your answer.

Everyone irrespective of caste, creed, gender, nationality, who feels a pull towards the beautiful sanatan dharma, to the Vedic glory of our ancestors can use the app.

If its a spiritual experience that leaves you smiling peacefully at the end of it, be thankful and keep going. There are much bigger rewards ahead.
If there is a physical issue, something is persistently hurting or bothering you, please get it checked.

Sadhana is your relationship with the Divine. So, you are welcome to do sadhana even if you have never been initiated, follow some other guru, or don’t follow anyone. The aim is to feel close to the Divine with our without a guru’s help. A discourse here might give you a better understanding too.

In ancient times, kids used to recite the mantras at the age of 3. It would be great to introduce the app to kids. However, purushcharanas and special pujas are done by someone above 12 years of age.

Anyone and everyone over the age of 12 can do any sadhana including menstruating women. So, men, women, girls, boys, trans-gender, old, young, anyone at all can do these sadhanas.

The saints from Bengal, Kashmir and Tibet who attained enlightenment were not complete vegetarians. The monks from Tibet had to eat meat and fish to survive. It is not like eating meat will pull you back but this is not compassionate. 

Having said that, if you practice sadhana with devotion, there would come a time  where you would develop compassion towards animals and you might stop eating them. Until then, you can eat as you please, in moderation and with mindfulness of course.

As far as alcohol is concerned, if it does not cause any harm to you or your family and you are not an addict who is dependent on alcohol, then it is all right. Research has shown that alcohol diminishes the will power of an individual. But everything depends on the quantity. If you are walking on a spiritual path, then you are permitted, but if you are walking on the religious path, then there are some sadhanas, where alcohol is not permitted. So, it depends completely on your priorities.

Like it would be if you were doing actual sadhana. Preferably, peaceful and unobtrusive. Whatever, that helps you concentrate. 

If you can sure, or else whatever is the comfortable position for you, do that. For those who cannot sit on the ground they can sit in a chair as well, though not the most preferable. The most important thing is that you should not let these issues stop you from doing a sadhana or remembering the Divine. The discourse here will be helpful in understanding the importance of posture.

Ofcourse, the aim should be to recite the mantras and chants along as done in the app either out loud or mentally because you are actually doing the ritual. But if that is not possible then you can be present with all your heart and follow the guidance till you are able to do it completely by yourself.  It might take time to get there but that is the ideal state. We will be offering texts to read along the mantras and also understand their meanings. It is in the pipeline.

Absolutely! The app is based on 'Manasic Dhayana' that is often mentioned in the vedas. The benefits of mental worship when you are firmly established in the practice is more than physical form of worship plus you are also being kind to Mother Nature.

 It is stated in Lalita Sahasranam 162, 'Antarmukha samradhya bahirmukha sudurlabha' meaning, It is much easier to experience the Divine through inner offerings'.  

So yes, the rituals are equivalent to the actual physical scenario.

Sure, you can do any sadhana together. Our Vedas have given much importance to do many rituals in a sadhana like yagyas as a couple. Infact, as per our Vedas a couple’s karmic circle are also entwined and they share boons of any sadhana prayers done individually.

It is mostly about your own priorities really. So until a sadhana demands otherwise, it is really a matter of choice and discipline. Rest, we think you might find further guidance in this video.

Japa is when you are actually chanting the mantra of your Deity in order to connect with them. It’s a spiritual practice for a deeper realisation of your ‘Self’. It is a practice where you are trying to tap into the Divine energy of your deity. Listening to mantras is also good because the mantras are a powerful source of energy and bring peace to the mind even though momentarily.

You dont cross the Guru bead also known as Sumeru. You simply turn the Mala around.

The practice of sadhana also known as austerities because they are a strict discipline you follow day in day out for a stipulated period of time in reverence of your deity. As you progress on your spiritual path you will start looking forward to this part of your routine. 

If you miss a day of your sadhana due to any of the reasons mentioned above or otherwise your entire sadhana is compromised. You need to abandon it and start all over again.

The goal of doing any sadhana is to feel closer to one’s deity or the Divine. There can be no adverse effects of doing it. Yes, it is important to follow the correct steps to achieve this goal. That is where the Sadhana app comes in. To walk along this path with you till you can walk alone.

So, take up any sadhana including that of tantra without any inhibitions, wholeheartedly and see the boundless results in the form of divine grace.

We understand your sentiments however this desk is not a direct link to Swamiji. He does not use emails etc. You can seek a meeting with Him through the Ashram website here

Kindly stay tuned to the ashram website and Swamiji’s blogs on for regular updates on this.

 No, you can do only one Sadhana at one particular time. Once you finish one Sadhana you can start another one. On the occasion of special sadhanas you can

We will be adding more temples in the near future. The cost and time of construction of temples in the physical and virtual world is the same. Please stay tuned with the app. Your support means a lot. In the meantime do let us know what deity you feel the closest too.

Do Sadhana praying to your divine at the time of joy to express gratitude or during deep sorrow to find inner strength and guidance. Nothing wrong can happen in seeking your true self.

Sadhana is a matter of establishing a connection with your deity, with the divine. We can alter destiny with it but we can get immense strength to face whatever our destiny holds for us without falling apart.

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