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Sri Suktam Sadhana Shivir - FAQs

Questions related to the Japa and Yagna procedures

Q1. Will the chanting be available in the Sadhana app as well? (Similar to the setting for the Navdurga Sadhana which was incredible)

OS- Yes, 108 times will be available in Sadhana App Japa similar to NavDurga. Japa will start on the night of Diwali. First Yagna will be available on the 13th morning.

Q2. For the night japa, should we take the first night to be that before the first yagna?

OS – First japa on 12th night, first yajna on 13th morning.

Q3. Will there be a new yajna option in the Sadhana app like the Nav Durga yajnas per day? For people in different time zones other than India, will the Sadhana app still be an option?

OS- Yes. Sadhana app is your option to do it interactively with me.

Q4. If we are physically present for the sadhana and not being a yajamana, will we be doing yagna in the manasika way?

OS- Yep. You can always still do it in the Sadhana app too. Diwali bumper.

Q5. Is the virtual Yajna on the Sadhana app equivalent to a real Yajna? Unfortunately, I am unable to perform a physical Yajna that soon in the day (lack of privacy and restrictions) so is it okay if I just do the Yajna on the Sadhana app with utmost devotion? Is the time limitations (at most 7 a.m. for Yajna) a crucial factor for the Sadhana?

OS. You will be amazed. Try it.

Q6. If one travels then the morning and evening routine can be done in different places?

OS: You can. It’s mentioned already.

Q7. For the evening chanting session, can I chant a little out loud (vachika chanting) in between while there are one or more persons in the room? Being long sessions spanning multiple hours, I feel vachika chanting would be helpful when exhausted.

OS: Not if there are other people around.

Q8. Swami Ji Pranam, On the first day out of excitement and eagerness, we may do 1000 chants but as our sleep pattern will get disturbed, what if we fall sick and want to have tea in the middle of the night to keep us going? Is that allowed?

OS: Ideally, no. This is technically a full-on sadhana. There’s a reason why I waited 12 years before doing this with a group.

Q9. Can I do morning yagya and evening japa in separate rooms, or do they have to be done together in the same room at the same spot?

OS: “Can I do morning yagya and evening japa in separate rooms?” You can.

Q10. Can the full invocation with the viniyoga and nyasa, be made available on the app too for those who are keen to do it fully as per the book, Ancient Science of Mantras?

OS- Not this time around. Maybe at a later date.

Q11. Are we allowed to eat after our evening chant if we decide to chant for one or two rounds supposedly or are we allowed to eat only after performing the morning yajna?

OS – You can eat. But if you do, best to bathe/purify

Q12. I will have to do the yagya virtually from the 6th day onwards and not physically like the first 5 days. Is that okay or will it compromise the Sadhana?

OS- Of course, that’s perfectly fine. It won’t compromise your sadhana in any way.

Q13. Can you please share more details about Nyasa that will be done each day.

OS- No nyasa. Already mentioned in the post.

Q14. Will the Sri Suktam Sadhana release me from this life? I am looking for liberation, freedom, and moksha.

OS- Nothing is impossible with the grace of Divine Mother. Rest, you alone know the bond you share with the cosmic energy.

Q15. If someone does a Sadhana by sitting near the home altar, do we do the daily pooja like bathing the idols or just light the Diya, do purification and start the yajna in the morning?

OS – The latter.

Q16. Can we do the Laxmi pooja 1st in the evening and then start for the Sadhana on the 1st day?

OS – Yes

Q17. If we are doing sadhana on the app, during morning yajna, do we have the option to do step 2 with the full mantra or the shortened one for 108 times?

OS – You will simply have to tap the ingredients in the sadhana app as you will be a part of the live yajna

Q18. If we plan to do sadhana on the app, we should continue to do chanting in the evening and yajna in the morning on the app on all days? Can we do the last day morning yajna physically versus doing it on the app?

OS – Either way.

Q19. While doing this sadhana, do we have to keep a Sri Mahalakshmi picture or a Sri yantra?

OS – If you want.

Q20. Swamiji if we need to do the mool mantra japa 1000 times, using a rosary (mala) then doing 9 rounds adds up to 972 chants. So do we do 9 rounds + 28 chants or 10 full rounds?

OS – Better to do 10 rounds.

Q21. Can we make it known to our family and friends that we are doing this Sadhana? I remember reading or hearing somewhere that you should not reveal your Sadhana to others.

OS – You can if it helps in anyway.

Q22. Swami ji, It is taking me one hour per mala, if I recite the beeja mantras as well. That seems a lot as I may not finish 10 malas by 5: 15. Should I do fewer malas, say 7, with beeja mantra, or 10 malas with just the verse for that day?

OS – Do 7 or even 5 if you like.

Q23. Swami ji namaste, perhaps I will only be able to do 1 or 2 malas, so can we do havan accordingly with 10 or 20 ahutis?
Also, can we do another purushcharana of some other mantra concurrently?

OS – 1. Ideally, havan should have 108 ahutis. 2. Yes.

Q24. Dear Swami Ji,
1. Can multiple people/family members do havan in the same kund together after completion of the evening Japa?
2. Of course, we prepare for havan in advance, however, in case we forget something, can we leave asana after morning Japa to prepare for havan?

OS- 1. They can. 2. Sure.

Taking breaks and medication use.

Q25. While doing Sadhana for 6-7 hours, if on any of the 16 days one has to get up for a washroom break – Will their Sadhana be compromised?

OS – Your sadhana won’t be compromised at all. Simply do the purification ritual and resume from where you left off. If, however, you stop your chanting midway a round, you have to do that round again. For example, you vow to use beads and do nine rounds and you get at the completion of round 3, simply start from the fourth round of chanting when you get back. But, if you stop in the middle of round 3, you will resume from the beginning of round 3.

Q26. After japa shall we bathe and then come to Yagyashala in the morning or we shall come directly without bathing?

OS- If you have napped/slept after completing the japa, ideally you should bathe before starting the yajna. If the japa took the entire night and you are straight onto the yajna, no bathing required.

Q27. 1. Is it okay to sip water/ use inhalers/ consume medication during yagna or japa?
2. Can the left hand be used for japa?

OS – 1. Medication (including inhalers etc.) yes. Everything else, ideally no.

OS 2. It’s unusual, but if the right hand is impaired, you may. Left hand is used in the vama marg of tantra which changes the purpose and energy of the sadhana, much like how breathing from the left nostril versus the right one has a different impact on our body.

Q28. Since I am not used to chanting the Sri Suktam it may take me longer than 7-9 hours so should I do fewer rounds or start before sunset? Also, Can we split the japa sessions doing all 3 steps in each session?

OS – 1. Do fewer. 2. Ideally, no. Not unless you really have to.

Doing other rituals at the same time as Sri Suktam, and doubts over date and time

Q29. Pranam Respected Swamiji,
Those who are performing Surya Sadhana along with this Sadhana, can they sit for Surya Sadhana just after performing Sri Suktam Yagya or do they have to take a bath again and wear new clothes?

OS . You can just sit for Surya sadhana afterwards.

Q30. I am also doing Karthik Sadhana in the app, would I be able to do both Karthik and Sri Suktam Sadhana simultaneously in the app?

OS- The app will allow you to do both simultaneously.

Q31. Can this Sadhana be performed along with Dainik Gayatri Sadhana? I’m doing daily yajna with Gayatri Sadhana. Can that be stopped for these 16 days or can be continued along with this? What food restrictions should be there, considering we have Diwali in between?

OS – Continue both but take a smaller/more manageable japa sankalpa in Sri Suktam then.

Q32. Prabhu Ji! For all of us in Canada in different time zones, how best can we do the live Sadhana with You? Or can we do Japa & Mansik Havan in our time zone in the Sadhana App?

OS – Sadhana app is your best option. The app allows you to do it as per your time zone.

Q33. I have taken sankalpa to recite certain no. of “Sri Lalitha Sahasranama” within a specified period. Assuming this can be continued during Sadhana?

OS -Can be done.

Q34. I have one question related to evening Japa. I am travelling. I think I have only two options available:
Option 1: Do the evening Japa mentally/silently at 7 PM but without the Rudraksha, Asana or the purification rituals
Option 2: Reach home and do the evening Japa with all the steps but at around midnight instead of the prescribed time of 7 PM.

OS – Option 2 if your japa can be completed in 3-4 hours, else option 1. (You can also combine both if you need more time to finish your japa.)

Q35. Gurudev, Do we continue with the Sri Suktam chant for the next 3 years: 11 times morning and 5 times in the evening?

OS- Always a good idea; it’ll strengthen the bond and help you accumulate more energy.

Q36. I wanted to know if I’m unable to do the Sadhana now, when is the next opportunity/ muhurta?

OS -“If you miss any day, the Sri Suktam sadhana is compromised. You will then have to wait for one year to do this sadhana. Having said that, this sadhana can also be done in the lunar month of Magha (I’ll share the details another time). The ideal time is starting with the night of Diwali and the second best is in the lunar month of Magha.”

Q37. I have been reciting Lalita Sahasranamam Stotra for the past 2.5 years regularly and I have been initiated into Sri Vidya one year ago. Can I do this Sadhana too ? One of my very close relatives has heard somewhere( from a Sri Suktam teacher herself that Lalita Sahasranamam Sadhana and Sri Suktam cannot be done together.

OS – You can. “One of my very close relatives, has heard somewhere( from a Sri sukta teacher herself ) that Lalita Sahasranamam Sadhana and Sri sukta Sadhana cannot be done together. ” Strange! Because, in Sri Vidya, the sixteen offerings to Divine Mother are done with Sri Suktam! The one who is Sri mata, Sri maharajni, Srimat, Shriyah, shrayatam cannot be invoked with Sri Suktam?
Proceed without fear.

Q38. I am planning to do SriSuktam sadhana as per your guidance through sadhana app.
Question: can I resume Sri Suktam nityakarma as it gives flexibility with time or should it be multiple purushcharanas of 16 nights as mentioned in this post?

OS – Absolutely; you can.

Q39. a) Should Sri Suktam Sadhana be done only during this specified period of 16 days or any time of the year at a stretch for 16 days?
b) Can the japa mala be worn again after the japa is done?

OS – a. Answered in the post. (See previous answer, Sadhana App will notify you when this Sadhana is available again.) b. Yes.

Q40. For overseas residents (USA), do we follow the local times to start the Sadhana?

OS – Local times (the live transmission of the yajna in the app will be according to IST. But if you are overseas, you can still perform and access it as per your time zone.)

Q41. Pranaam Swamiji, for some time I have been preparing in bits for this sadhana by learning and practising various parts and performing other sadhanas and yajnas as directed by you in your books and on the website. However, for now, I can’t start it on Diwali or Maagh, I’ll have to wait another 12 years before I can start it. So may I start it on an auspicious date later?

OS – Sure.
(The Sadhana App will notify you when the Sri Suktam Sadhana will be available again.)

Q42. 1. If one is doing Surya Sadhana as well, should the morning procedure of Surya sadhna be done before starting the Sri Suktam sadhana yagya? Or can it be done after completing the yagya?
2. After the evening procedure of japa of 1 hour, can we go about doing routine things like studying, cooking, eating etc?

OS – 1. Either. After is better though. 2. Yes.

Q43. Pranam Swamiji – 1. Will the virtual yajna be available in the app from 3AM itself as I need to be in office around 6.15 a.m., since I am scheduled on
shifts, so can I get the virtual yajna (I do not mean the live one, just like the yajnas available in the app for various other sadhanas in it) in the app much earlier

(All rituals will be available at your local times on the Sadhana App.)

Q44. If we have been doing the Shodashopachara, 53 Sri Suktam Mantra and Devi Khadagmala Strotram regularly, then when will be the best time to do these during Sri Suktam? Should it be completed after the Japa or before starting the Japa? kindly guide

OS – Either pause during this sadhana or before step 1. (before the Japa)

Q45. I regularly perform the Satyanarayan Bhagwan pooja every Poornima and Katha reading in the night, should I do the Satyanarayan Bhagwan Katha reading after the Sri Suktam chanting is completed? Please guide me.

OS – Before will be better.

Q46. Pranam Swamiji I am reciting Sri Suktam for completing 960 days of Sadhana as written in the Ancient Science of Mantras book. If I do this Sadhana now, do I have to continue for the remaining two years (approx) OR shall I treat this as completion of my Sadhana and stop doing the present practice in the morning and evening? Regards.

OS – No harm in continuing. No one has ever lost anything by calling upon Mother Divine.

Q47. Namaskaram Swami Ji, I have done Navratri Sadhana using the Sadhana app this year. Previously I did Gayatri Mantra Sadhna using the book (small version) and I am regularly chanting 108 mantras every morning. When we start Sri Suktam Sadhana, should we continue regular practices in addition to it? or just focus on one? Om Swami

OS – You can pause nitya karma (regular practices). You can do the yajna in the app.

Q48. As per the Ancient Science of Mantras book, I regularly chant the Sri Suktam 11 times in the morning and 5 times in the evening. During the Sri Suktam sadhana, do we have to continue the chanting 11 times after the morning yajna and 5 times after the evening chanting for all 16 days? And can I continue regularly once the Sadhana is completed?

OS – 1. Not required. Simply the method I’ve shared in this one.

Q49. Jai Shri Hari Swamiji, I am currently based in the US. Can I take part in the virtual sadhana as there would be a difference in the timezone?
Like evening Japa would be replaced with morning Yagya in India. Is it advisable?

OS: The timezone issue has been addressed in the app this time around, I believe.

Questions related to Clothing, Asanas, Mala and Samagri

Q50. Swamiji! I will be on a cruise ship for three nights during this sadhana, and plan to rely on the Sadhana app for the yajna and japa portions. Besides the red cloth for my asana, are there any physical items I must have on board? Specifically, I am wondering about the water pot and the ghee lamp. If I bring a water pot, I would plan to offer the water to a potted plant on board. A ghee lamp is out of the question.

OS. – If you are doing it through the app, absolutely nothing else is needed. It’s pure manasic pooja (inward worship) that makes the best use of technology to facilitate an immersive experience.

Q51. I do not have a rosary, can I just purchase one for my Japa? I have read what rosary you use will have a profound impact on your sadhana so don’t want to buy any random one. Please guide

OS. Yes.

Q52. Would you recommend that I chant with a rosary (Japa Mala) or without it (time-based chanting without counting)?

OS: Either way is fine.

Q53. As the complete japa may take 7-9 hours, can it be done sitting in a chair in case one is not able to sit very long on the floor?

OS- Sure. Anything is better than nothing.

Q54. Do we get to perform the yagya virtually, like tapping the buttons in the Sadhana app?
2. Can I do the evening japa before sunset? 3. I don’t have beads right now and I’m hesitant to buy them online, so could I do the japa using the Sadhana app without them? 4. Will any red clothing work over asana, or do we need silk or woollen?

OS- 1. Tapping. 2. Already answered in the post itself. (Japa post sunset, local time) 3. Yes, by all means. 4. Any will work.

Q55. If one would need to alternate between sitting on the floor and a chair for the duration of the Japa, how would the asana/red cloth be placed when seated on the chair?

OS: Unique situation. Probably place the same red cloth on the chair or simply keep a second red cloth on the chair.

Q56. Pranam Swamiji, I have not been successful in trying to acquire sandalwood (red or white). What can I use as a substitute? Can I use a wood piece dipped in sandalwood oil? I know it is not the same but it is the closest I can think of. Please advise.

OS – “Can I use a wood piece dipped in sandalwood oil?” Great idea and an awesome substitute.

Q57. If I’ve to additionally use a sweater/jacket/shawl due to low temperature, does it also need to be washed daily?

OS: Not necessarily so.

Q58. My question is do we have to stitch the shawl or sweater to our dress?

OS – No need to stitch. Have it in addition.

Q59. Can I donate the daily mantra japa dakhina in the temple of Sri Hari who is also Lalitambika?

OS- Sure.

Q60. Can we use home-extracted buffalo ghee for the yagna?

OS- Yes you can. पत्रंपुष्पंफलंतोयंयो मेभक्त्या प्रयच्छति … (BG. 9.26)

Questions related to Eligibility for the Sadhana

Q61. I very much want to do this Sadhana, but I have a 5 year old & 20 month old, so I know for sure that I won’t be able to commit the time. I will try to do each day’s mantra at least 11 times or 27 times. I hope that once my kids are a little older I will be able to commit to detailed Sadhana.

OS: Do it even 7 times if you can. Anything is better than nothing. Every drop matters in making an ocean.

Q62. I have a question – my Father-in-law passed away. We will have to do a 27th day karya which will be during the Sri Suktam Sadhana. Am I permitted to do the Sadhana?

OS – Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. May his soul rest in Vaikuntha. You can still do the sadhana.

Q63. मेरे प्रिय स्वामीजी को कोटि प्रणाम। मेरे माताजी को देहान्त होनेकी अभी एक साल परुी नहीं हुई है। मनैं मुखग्नि दिया था। इस दुर्लभ साधना करनेकी मेरे लिए कोई प्रतिबन्ध तो नहीं हैना। कृपया मेरे द्विधा दुर करे।

OS- निश्चितं हो करें। आपकी जननी को माँजगदंबा का सान्निध्य एवं सालोक्य सदा प्राप्त रहे।

Q64. One of the 16 days is my father’s Shraddha Ritual day (ritual to be done on his death tithi every year). Can I still do both Sri Sukta Sadhana and Shraddha Ritual?

OS – You can.

On Self-doubt

Q65. What a beautiful & powerful Sadhana You’ve shared with us, Swamiji. I am still not sure if I am ready for it yet…

OS – You are.

Q66. – Even after doing a lot of charity, prayers and meditation, I am unable to fulfil one of my desires. Despite doing so many Sadhanas, I am incapable of developing vairagya for that. Because of it, I am physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. This particular desire is the biggest hurdle in my enlightenment. Can I do Sri Suktam Sadhana for the fulfilment of this specific desire?

OS – The Mother who can dissolve universe(s) can annihilate any desire. Whether it’s fulfilled or decimated, She alone knows.

Q67. 1. I feel no devotion, connection or bond towards the divine, can I still do Maa’s Sadhana (and other sadhanas in future) and benefit from them? 2. Do we compulsorily have to wear fresh clothes every evening? 3. What kind of rudraksha mala can we buy?

OS- 1. I guess that’s up to Mother Goddess then. 2. Not required if you won’t be anywhere near me. Just kidding. Do the best you can. 3. Any kind.

On Mantra pronunciation and chanting

Q68. Dearest Reverend Swami ji, My humble Salutations to your Lotus feet. Regarding the Night 5 Audio, at the 19th second, it sounds like ‘Laxmi’ to me where I am used to pronouncing this as ‘Alaxmi’. Please guide.

OS – It must be Alaxmi. But for sure in verses 5, 6, and 8, it’s Alakshmi. This is a very important point.

Q69.- Pranaam Swamiji, I had a couple of clarifications regarding the notes on How to do fire offerings:
1. For the second offering in the first set of prelim offerings, the pdf states the offering as: ‘om indraya idamindraya idam na mama’. However, while observing the havan being performed by you and doing the Nav Durga sadhana yagna in the Sadhana app, there is a ‘svaha’ after ‘indraya’. Should I add the ‘svaha’ if I do the yagna with the notes beside me?
2. Similar to above, for the second offering in the second set of prelim offerings, the pdf states the offering as: oṃ agnaye sviṣṭakṛte. Should there be a ‘svaha’ at the end? Following the same reasoning as above. 3. Why is ‘Om svaha’ or ‘svaha’ omitted from the purnahuti mantra?

OS – 1. You can. 2. Optional (because anything agni receives is svaha automatically). But you can add. 3. Just like that.

Q70. Pranaam Swamiji, The sound of seed syllables in Sri Suktam daily chant ends with a soft ‘m’ (in your recorded voice) whereas the same seed syllables (aing, hreeng, kling) in Nava Durga sadhana chant have the sound ‘ng’ at the end. Which is recommended?
Secondly, instead of rosary beads can I do Japa count on my fingers or use a timer for Sri Suktam Sadhana?

OS – The one for this sadhana as I’ve recorded. 2. You can. Or you can use the app too.

Q71. Parnam Swamiji. I am a little confused about mantras. Is it’ or ‘em’ e.g is it ‘hring’ or ‘hreem ‘?
If you think it’s needed, might you please provide an IAST translation of the beej mantras? I ask this because I am confused about the pronunciations of a couple of them (ng vs n vs m), and different devotees have provided different answers.

OS – n/ng is better.

Q72. Dear Swamiji, The text has यस्यां (yasyāṃ) with aa ki matra in य, and the audio sounds as यस्यं without the aa ki matra in verse 2. Please guide me on this pronunciation.

OS- The former.

Q73. Like you said at the end of the morning yajna we can listen to the entire Sri Suktam through audio if unable to recite due to mispronunciation. So can we do that for evening Japa as well? Can we listen to it 108 times? Not from a convenience point of view but scared of mispronunciation. What if we don’t recite correctly and have some other bad effect of the same?

OS – You can, but if you are doing that better do it through the app as the japa module as I feel it’ll be more effective.

Q74. Pranams Swamiji. Would you recommend using our lineage beej syllables during chanting and yajna ahuti? As I will not be doing 1000 chants but just a few malas of chanting, I thought I would check.

OS – If you are doing the yajna entirely on your own, you can. Otherwise, best to follow the standard set.

Q75. The third beejakshara in the second line is हीं or ह्रीं? Secondly, I feel that there is a pattern that the two lines of beejakshara repeat before and after the daily mantra (that is lines 1 & 2 are almost similar to lines 5 & 6, except for the difference I pointed out).

OS- ह्रीं

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