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Subscribing to the sadhana app is very simple. Just download the app on your device, create an account by signing up and you are all set! The app is 100% free, always. No subscriptions, no restrictions and no pay walls. Ever.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you to reset the password. But once you click on the forgot password option, an auto-generated link would reach the email address that you used at the time of registration. You can use that to reset your password. 

Please try these steps: 

  • Make sure the app is in its latest version. You can update this from the play/app store.
  • Update the phone to its latest version.
  • Make sure you have at least 4 to 6 GB empty space in the internal memory. 
  • Restart the app: Close the app by using the slide up option and remove it from your recent apps. This will ensure that the app is properly closed. 
  • Clear the cache: Go to settings and apps. Then under the storage options in Cookie run Kingdom clear cache. 
  • Delete Data: Warning, this fix isn’t recommended if you haven’t linked your account with the app as you will lose all your progress. But if you have then simply go to your phone settings> Apps> Cookie run kingdom> Storage options> click on clear data. 
  • Reinstall the app: Again, you should only try this fix if you have your account linked, else you’ll lose progress. Uninstall the app from your phone and then reinstall.

If the issue is still persistent, please share the device details with which you are using the Sadhana app along with the screenshot of the issue at

There is a slider button at the left of most iPhone buttons. Please make sure that it is not on silent mode.

In both, Android and iOS phones you will need to open the view where you will be able to see all the apps or windows that you are using. Then you need to swipe up the Sadhana app window to completely shut it. 

A close button in the app is a feature in the pipeline. We hope to add it in subsequent versions

Since the Sadhana app is made on gaming technology, so just like most of the devices get heated up while using gaming apps, it is a common behavior and happens with sadhana too.

The next day’s sadhana is enabled after 21 hours  from the time you ended your previous day's sadhana. So if you ended your sadhana at 6am in the morning today, the window to do your sadhana will open from 3am onwards.

If you are starting it at a different time each day, that will end up changing your sadhana window resulting in change of the sadhana time as well. Considering that sadhana is an act of spiritual discipline, it must be done at the same time every day for the stipulated number of days.

Actually, the app can be used offline. But during the sadhana, the gates will not close if the app is offline. So basically, on the last day of your sadhana, you will have to come online to mark it as complete.

The Sadhana app relies on a large amount of space because it was developed on a gaming platform. We are coming up with a lighter version soon. 

All our music is patented, so we are unable to share details due to copyright issues.

The best time to do evening or night sadhana is at sunset. Just like morning sadhanas are best done around sunrise, evening sadhanas are best done at sunset.

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